The Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim League (SKML) was established in 1941, initially to cater to the social, religious and educational needs of its members who were originally from Kadayanallur, Tamilnadu. Kadayanallur in India had a predominantly Tamil Muslim population. Although SKML began as an organisation to assist a specific community whose descendants were from Kadayanallur, it now serves beyond its community and works with national organisations such as Sinda, Yayasan Mendaki, MUIS, Jamiyah Singapore, and PA’s Narpani Pearavai, to help all Singaporeans. SKML is an also Associate member of the National Council of Social Service and is affiliated to the Federation of Indian Muslims and the Tamils Representative Council (TRC). Many of those who arrived from Kadayanallur lived and worked in the Tanjong Pagar vicinity and there is a Kadayanallur Street in Tanjong Pagar dedicated to them in recognition of their good work to the community for both erecting Asia’s then first Tamil Secondary school in the 40s and also for their active grassroots work in Tanjong Pagar constituency. 

Under the leadership of A. N. Maideen, SKML members played a key role in raising funds to build and manage the Umar Pulavar Tamil High School, which is reputed to be the only Tamil secondary school in Southeast Asia in 1941. SKML also formed the only Indian Muslim origin co-operative namely SKM Co-Operative in 1948 with some 160 (as of 2016) odd members and this co-op is still in operation today. SKML today has a membership of about 1,500 members. It is currently operating out of their own property located at Telok Blangah Drive purchased from funds, which were raised largely through members’ subscription and donations and other various fund raising activities.


Our membership stands at 1,500 members (15,000 if kiths and kins are included). Our current membership scheme includes all Indian Muslims regardless of their place of origin. We are currently operating from our own property. We had to move from our initial premise at Tanjong Pagar Road due to URA redevelopment. The current property is purchased through concerted fund raising event and donations from well-wishers.

Associate Membership / Affiliation
We are an Associate member of The National Council of Social Service (NCSS). We are also affiliated to the Federation of Indian Muslims (FIM) and the Tamils Representative Council (TRC).